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  • Wendy Decker

Ear Reflexology is good for relaxation and stress reduction - A short routine for you.

Rubbing your outer ears and holding different points for 5-10 minutes can be very helpful in reducing pain and can help you relax. Get comfy by placing elbows on a table in front of you, so you can rest the arms while working the ears. Alternatively, you could lie down and place a pillow under where each elbow will splay out to rest on.

Start by placing a hand on each ear with your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other. Start on the lobes and press in and pull down slowly...slowly. Drag your fingertips across the outer edge working your way up to the top of the ear, supporting your ear with your thumb or fingertips and rubbing the front side.

Notice any sensitive areas. Pay more attention to those areas.

Place a finger inside the lower hollow of the outer ears and press and pull downward a little. Use your own discretion on the amount of pressure. Hold gently for a few minutes. Bring all your attention to your fingertips. They may begin to pulse.

Take a finger or thumb and slide up, underneath the long ridge and pull up a bit. Then hold the center of the outer ears with the middle fingers for 3-5 minutes. Again, pay attention to your fingertips where they are touching the ears. This is a good point for relaxation and stress reduction.

Here is another different, quick ear routine on youtube on ear how to use ear reflexology for flexibility...

Here is one more brief different ear routine by Micheal Reed-Gach, my favorite acupressure teacher.

Gift certificates can be purchased from my website. There are three different options.

Stay healthy and safe. I will reopen again one the live case numbers go down.


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