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  • Wendy Decker

Tips for Getting Better Sleep

I am on week two of closing my practice again. I really needed the vacation after all the crazy new protocols. And if you are a client, you know how much I love my work. I see the numbers going up in many counties in Maine. My Sagadahoc county was at 33 today, and seems to be hovering between 29 and 36. It is not looking like I will be reopening next week, but will be calling you if you have an appointment next week, one way or the other. I was turned down for unemployment which was odd because I received it on the spring and summer.

Are you having trouble sleeping during this pandemic, due to stress? Welcome to the club! I have some techniques that might help you fall asleep better. One is to take a pair of tennis balls and place them in a sock, and tie the end of the sock tightly, so the balls are close beside each other. Place on the floor and carefully lie on them so a ball is on each side of your spine. Slowly roll your body over the balls, letting your body weight fall onto the balls. Stay at one spot if it is sore, until the discomfort eases, usually within 10-60 seconds. If this method is too intense, too painful, you can alternatively place the balls in a hand towel and wrap them up in the towel and place that on the floor. With this method, you need to lift up and replace the balls rolled up in the towel In the next area that needs the tennis balls. But it is less intense. For sleep, the most important areas of the back to treat are the upper back. You may not think your muscles are tight until you try this. It does help relax you and prepare you for sleep.

Next, try pressing your thumb into the web of the other hand. Tuck your thumb under the second metacarpal bone in the center and on the side of the thumb web and hold for 20 seconds, gently, or until you feel a pulse, then another 20 seconds a little bit deeper or until you feel the pulse again, and then again a third time for about 20 seconds a bit deeper or until you feel the pulse, and then lighten up for another 20 seconds, feeling your thumb tip for a pulse.

And lastly, try pressing on the pads of the thumbs for about 5 minutes, then press each finger pad briefly. You can also squeeze the fingertips from the sides if you like.That helps the meridians.And you can do the same for your toes if needed.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are just staying home and eating by ourselves. It is my most favorite holiday all year due to seeing family, but it just isn’t worth anyone dying over. There will be other years if we take care. It’s all about love. May you all find peace and joy in the coming months. Wendy


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